1. What are the various decoration methods for apparel?
We offer screen printing as well as heat transfer. Your design, as well as the quantity ordered, will determine the method used for your order.

2. I have noticed many on-line printers using “Iron-on Transfer” printing. What is that and how does it differ from your methods?
Iron-ons are the cheapest route but will never last! Our professional heat transfer equipment and screen printing services will make your design last as long as the life of your shirt!

3. Can you print individual names or numbers on my items?
Absolutely! We can use heat transfer to personalize your order, even in addition to a screen printed design!

4. Can I mix and match different styles and garment colors within my order?
Of course! But please keep in mind, mixing darks and lights may result in an ink color change fee. We would notify you of this when confirming your order details- our policy is NO hidden charges!

5. What brands of apparel do you offer?
We frequently use Anvil, Gildan, American Apparel, and Bella, but we can get most any other apparel you may be looking for. Our policy is just ask!

6. I need help with my artwork – can you help?
We offer professional graphic design services, so even if you don’t have a print-ready design we will work with you to get there. Some basic design work is even included in all of our pricing!

7. What payment methods do you offer?
We prefer cash or check. Credit cards are taken on an appointment basis only (thank you iPhone for this wonderful new app!). We also accept PayPal. This wonderful service allows you to pay with your card anywhere/anytime, without even signing up for a PayPal account! Fantastic! Please note that payment by credit card is only accepted for payment in full- deposits can only be made via cash or check.

8. How do I get my artwork files to you?
Bring your artwork and any inspiration you have to your initial design consultation, preferably on a flash drive or upload it HERE prior to your first visit.

9. Will I see a sample before you run my order?
Absolutely! We will NEVER print anything without an approved proof.

10. What can I apply vinyl to?
Our vinyl can be applied to nearly any clean, dry, flat surface. We frequently apply it to windows, vehicles, and signage. If applied properly, and removed carefully, there should be little to no damage to your surface.

11. What type of vinyl do you use?
We mainly use 6 year vinyl, but can also provide 9 year vinyl upon request. We offer everything from basic colors to reflective or glow-in-the-dark, and all in a large variety of color options.

12. What do you print in-house?
All of our screenprinting and vinyl work are done in-house. Full-color jobs are prepared by our well-trusted trade partners. We wish we could fit a 30 ton printing press in here!

13. What shipping method(s) do you use for online orders?
We ship all orders via the United States Postal Service.